What is ArtVotes? ArtVotes is an experimental social project dedicated to inspiring young people to vote.

Who is ArtVotes? ArtVotes is a collective of people who want to create real change in their communities and the world as a whole.

Who is behind ArtVotes? ArtVotes is operated by Stimulated-Inc., a Los Angeles based creative studio in business since 2005 with such clientele as Disney, Viacom, and YouTube.

What kind of art are you looking for? Any kind of art that will be interesting to people and make them take notice of us and what we are trying to do. If your art contains a message that inspires people to vote, even better. Still image. Video. Audio.

What happens when I upload my art? Once your art is approved, our team goes to work prepping an Instagram post featuring your art. Your art will also be displayed on the wall of your home city’s gallery page at ArtVotes.org. You will receive credit on Instagram and on our digital gallery page for your work.

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What is a city art curator? Our platform contains over 300 digital gallery city pages that are ready to be populated with art from each city. We have built one page for every US city with a 100,000 or greater population. We are looking for people who want to help us by connecting with their local art communities and curating digital art for your city’s gallery page. Each curator will be featured on our socials and on your city’s digital gallery page at ArtVotes.org. This is a chance for you to step-up into the role of a local leader in your community.

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What are the core ArtVotes values and beliefs? We think of ourselves as citizens of Earth, and our civic duty is to defend it. We know we can help people, animals, and our home planet by voting for people with certain values that you can easily find on our platform. We also know that we can’t do it alone.

We believe that we can come together and help each other, learn from each other, without borders or walls. We believe in the power of empowerment, especially youth empowerment. The future citizens of Earth are young, and they deserve better. We stand for progress, liberalism, environment, science, and equality. It is with these values in mind that we set out on our mission. We also look for people that might teach us a thing or two about ourselves and others. We bring people together at ArtVotes with the hope that it will bring humanity, animals and Earth even closer together.

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We think it’s time to elect leaders who are good people. Don’t you?

We need to know that the people making decisions on our behalf are in the business of helping us succeed. Not in the business of political or personal gain. And when we give up our right to vote, we are making it easier for not-so-good leaders to stay right where they are- in charge of the big decisions that impact us all! We can be the generation that finally changes this pattern and puts the right people in office.

We just need to make sure that we and all of our friends vote, not only for the big shiny offices like the president, senate, and congress. But also for the down-ballot candidates who can actually have more of an impact on our daily lives.

Don’t know what down-ballot candidates are?

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