We think it’s time to nominate leaders who are good people. Don’t you?

We need to know that the people making decisions on our behalf are in the business of helping us succeed. Not in the business of personal gain. And when we give up our right to vote, we are making it easier for not-so-good leaders to stay right where they are- in charge of the big decisions that impact us all! We can be the generation that finally changes this pattern and puts the right people in office. We just need to vote.


ArtVotes is taking an active role in increasing youth voter turnout using something everyone can relate to- artwork.

We love the ability of art to inspire the creation of something new. Have you ever walked out of an art exhibit with a new appreciation for the world around you? Or felt goosebumps when listening to your favorite artist?

ArtVotes is harnessing this energy to create an art collective featuring work that represents the individuality and spirit of hundreds of different cities. We aim to collaborate with artists who are passionate about the individual cities they live in and can inspire and connect with those around them. In doing this, we hope to create a network across the country of like-minded people who want to see the world change for the better.

Our goal is to show young people that their votes really do matter and they have the ability to create real change within their communities and the world as a whole.